Mr. Murrieta's Home Buyer's Page

The Home Buying Process


Step 1 - Give the Mr. Murrieta team a call. Our service is FREE and we are realty experts for Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Wildomar, and Winchester with 15 years experience. As a broker and realtor we provide only the highest standards of support and expertise. 

Whether you are buying for the first time, retiring, or even buying a new Murrieta builder home, the main steps remain the same.

  • Strongly recommend obtaining services of Agent AND Realtor to help
  • Define your goals for price, location, size, community, taxes, services and schools
  • Meet and get qualified with a reputable lender who provides approval letter
  • Begin shopping using all tools, realtor's experience and their local relationships
  • Focus on homes that meet or exceed your goals
  • Fill out a Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA) and submit a professional offer

What comes next once you have a Murrieta property in escrow?

First, enjoy the moment!  This is a very big step.  Real estate is absolutely one of the most important things you will purchase because it is an investment, a place to live, a tax shelter, and most importantly, a home for you and your family. It's a place to raise a family, host friends, prep a baby room, walk kids to school, build a pool, wave to neighbors, enjoy retirement or a new marriage and building a life together.

Main steps once a contract is executed:

  • Submit your deposit to escrow with 72 hours
  • Inspect the property and request any repairs (within 17 days)
  • Get the property appraised (within 17 days)
  • Obtain full loan approval (within 21 days)
  • Remove these buyer protections (at 17 and 21 days)
  • Complete escrow instructions and sign loan documents
  • Perform final walk through 3 days or so prior to close
  • Fund your loan and record title transfer with county
  • Get keys, hugs, handshakes, and start the next phase of your life!

Ultimately, buying a home should be fun and rewarding. Yes, there may be stressful things that will come up. That is why choosing your real estate broker is so important. Experience MATTERS and buying a home isn't something you trust to a part-time agent or family member who has a license but has only done a handful of transactions. Hire and the expect the best.  Create a relationship you can trust today and for all future family and friends transactions.