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Wow, has the world changed!  As I drive around Murrieta, talk to people, and see my family at home every day, I have these constant surreal moments.  Not only are we all home but businesses and events around the world are shut down, leaving us immersed in a painful 24-hour news cycle and a rabid Facebook/TikTok environment.  Obviously, there are terrible losses and my heartfelt prayers go out to all who have suffered this illness, lost a loved one, or are enduring financial hardship.  I wish you and your family the very best during this challenging time.

Given these circumstances, I have held off mailing my monthly postcards and client letters.  It just didn’t feel right to do anything else.  After doing real estate for 17 years, I am in touch with many families and industry friends locally and around the country.  Despite all the bad news, I have seen so many fantastic, wonderful things going on so I thought I would reach out, say hi, and share a little.

For instance, I have an amazing client making masks for FREE and delivering them at her own expense.  One of my agents is also making masks for her church and helping so many people.  I give mad props to Teresa, Adam, Andrea and their families.  I have also seen families walking, cooking, and doing home projects together.  My wife Jen has destroyed (diligently cleaned out and organized) our closets, cabinets, and garage.  Then she kicked me (no more kickboxing for her) until I got it all donated and out of the house. I am sure you have similar stories and some great family moments as well. 

Also, I think our kids are learning a rare lesson in all this. I remember growing up being told to get under my desk in the event of nuclear war – what the heck was the rationale for that?!  However, it made me realize the world is a big place and crazy things can happen.  Our kids are seeing this first hand and I believe they will be more grounded because of it.  I am also trying to teach my kids the importance of supporting local businesses.  Each week, we pick up a special family meal from a local Murrieta or Temecula restaurant.  I highly suggest trying it out if you haven’t yet.  We have some great places to eat in town!

In the meantime, don’t worry too much about real estate.  It is still humming at a reduced rate but all the fundamentals are there.  We started this year super busy and that will likely continue once it is safe.  I will say that showing homes while wearing a mask and gloves and lathering on sanitizer is one of those surreal moments I mentioned earlier.  A few months from now, I will be like, “Do I know you? What, I sold you a house?  Hmmm, wait - put a mask on…oh yeah now I see it!  If you do need real estate info or need to plan, give me a call at 760-415-1000.

In the meantime, stay safe Murrieta.  We are all in this together.


Stefan West
Stefan West, aka Mr. Murrieta.