Fall is almost here.  Ah…my favorite part of the year.  While we still have some heat coming our way, I have thoroughly enjoyed the recent cool temperatures and incredible sunsets.  No making fun of me.  I like sunsets and sometimes girly cooking movies (umm No Reservations, Chef, 100 Foot Journey cough but NOT Eat Pray Love – Ugh, hated it…a lot!).  Also, just to give you the 411, there might be some goofy notes coming from me as I enjoy these last months of 2017 and indulge in my vast enjoyment of the season J.

This time of year is also when I start thinking about all the projects I want to accomplish before the New Year.  One big project involves all my past clients and their home valuations.  I recently invested in new, whiz-bang technology to provide specific home values to all clients, neighbors, family and friends.

Essentially, I will be creating new and individualized neighborhood and square footage specific searches for all my clients.  The new software integrated at the www.MrMurrieta.com website will send monthly reports showing recent home listings, price changes, pending sales, and homes sold.  Unlike generic searches, this will be VERY specific to your own home and just the streets around you.  It will also highlight sales in color codes of Green, if trending up in value, and Red if trending down.  

It will take a while to roll out as each search will be done one at a time, using mapping, neighborhood models, year built, tax info, etc.  Once done, it will faithfully report to you monthly.  This is the best way to stay on top of home values and days on market.  You will also be able to access pictures inside and out.  There is no work for you or wasted time jotting down an address, performing a web search, etc.  I had a few clients beta test this and they loved it.  I hope you will too.  This is to provide you the best information, not to replace service.  Should you ever need to sell or a professional valuation, just give me a call.

In closing, I want to wish BIG congratulations to Tracy & Jennifer, Maggie & Mario, Stevan & Catherine, Roz, Tyler & Samantha, and Monisha & Michael.  Thank you for your business, trust and referrals.  They are greatly appreciated!


Stefan aka Mr. Murrieta